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Design Farm Group is a boutique design firm specializing in sustainable Landscape Architecture and Interior Design practices creating harmonious connections between interior and exterior design elements, in the Rockland, Bergen and Westchester County areas.

Our design process is a dialogue between client, the site and a vision. We bring these elements together in a collaborative process that unifies the vision with reality and reconciles the reality with nature.

Years of experience building and training by renowned landscape architects at the New York Botanical Gardens enable us to design and build custom gardens to compliment a wide array of architectural styles and landscape environments.

Our Master Plan designs revolve around creating, recreating (rewilding) or enhancing a sense of place rooted in nature. The natural ecology of the landscape that is uniquely expressed in each site, guides our design approach. We honor the spirit, the place and the purpose of each project site and facilitate our client’s personal expression of their life experience, their relationship to nature, their comfort and sense of awe.

In every design we explore three ecologies: the site’s natural ecology, its architectural ecology, and its human ecology… the ways in which people will use the space. We believe attention to each creates enduring, beautiful spaces that become fulfilling expressions of the home. 

Our Planting Plan approach is grounded in the belief that the material selected creates the architecture of the outdoor rooms of your home. They create light and shadow, rough and smooth textures and a year round environment that requires little maintenance. Our plantings change seasonally and as they mature, become richer. We believe that focusing on the plant’s structure and its ability to retain shape, you are able to see schemes that are glorious in the fourth season (the winter). There is beauty in decay and cycle that plants go through from season to season. The art of imperfect beauty is accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay. 

We strive to work with the natural rhythm of each space while implementing sustainable practices using native species, permeable surfaces, locally sourced materials, recycling plant & hardscape materials and storm water management. We are passionate about using native species in our planting schemes which don’t require chemical fertilizers, need less watering, help eliminate soil erosion and reduce air pollution, support beneficial wildlife, promote biodiversity and stewardship of our natural heritage.

Our firm excels in creating unifying designs which give the impression that house and landscape are one, with an integral unity of having “grown up together.” We are an intimate and collaborative team that works closely on all our projects. Furthermore, it is our conviction that the garden is not a mere afterthought of architecture. There is a deep connection and relationship between the two that creates one holistic and artful space.

Landscape Design

The interior design of our homes is a reflection of how we live and interact with that space. We believe that the interiors are a direct extension of the architecture and the landscape that surrounds it.

After carefully considering how our clients wish to relate and live in their interior space, we create interior design plans that work with the desired lighting, texture and color. We rely heavily on local artisans to complete the designs that we create for each client.

We strive to utilize elements in our interior design work that are sustainable and natural.

Interior Design

CONSULTANT COORDINATION: We work with local Architects, Engineers and Contractors to achieve functional and aesthetically successful landscape plans. This strong network of creative artisans allows for the efficient approval and expert execution of all our design projects. 

Design Farm Group’s practice focuses on bringing design visions to fruition. We work at all stages across the continuum of a project’s life cycle from pre-design to post-occupancy. We carefully tailor our services to the unique needs of our clients and their projects.

We manage projects through the construction phase to ensure your project is built on time, on budget and per plan. Your dedicated project manager will provide comprehensive project oversight, supervising construction, quality control, schedule and budget. In addition to weekly on-site meetings we provide additional detailing, material sourcing, and value engineering and invoice review.

Project (construction) Management