Our designs revolve around creating, recreating (rewilding) or enhancing a sense of place rooted in nature. The natural forces that are uniquely expressed in each project site whether urban, suburban or rural, guide our design approach. We honor the spirit, the place and the purpose of each project site and facilitate our client’s personal expression of their life experience, their relationship to nature, their cultural world view, their comfort and sense of awe.
Our work uses the rich and vital palette of form, texture, color, fragrance, sound and touch to reinforce a meaningful sense of place. Though constantly evolving through a process of natural growth, evolution and decay we attempt to capture the ethereal simplicity that exists in a landscape with foresight and nurturing care.

Our design process is a dialogue between client, the site and a vision. We bring these elements together in a collaborative process that unifies the vision with reality and reconciles the reality with nature. 

We approach all projects with a spirit of enthusiasm and exploration. Our collaborative approach leverages our team’s collective talents, perspectives, and contributions to maximize create outcomes. Design Farm Group creates and develops Master Plans before we approach the construction, installation and restoration process. This collaborative process begins with onsite, face-to-face meetings to assess the planned usage and stylistic preferences of our clients. We then engage in thoughtful research of the desired elements to validate a creative direction for the project. This is an iterative yet rewarding process for both parties to achieve a unified vision prior to commencing with any physical work. 

The beauty of this process is that it provides the homeowner with a Master Plan that can be implemented over any period of time desired and can make large-scale plans more modular and affordable. The beauty of the Master Plan is that the creative direction is always in sight and components implemented over a period of time will still be integral with the original design laid-out in the Master Plan.

Our Process

With each project, we endeavor to optimize the social, cultural and environmental impacts of shaping space. Our personal connections to local communities ensure we stay engaged in thoughtful planning and sustainable design practices that holds concern for the natural environment. 

Sustainability is based on simple principles: Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. We are keenly aware of the impact that we make on our environments today and how it will affect our future generations. Frequent and more damaging impacts are highly likely in the decades to come which include flooding and drought. 

Strong yet sustainable design begins with analyzing the existing site conditions and working with the land to maximize proper watershed management. Land shaping not only helps channel water to appropriate locations, it creates negative and positive spaces that create visual interest in the landscape. We strive to work with the natural rhythm of each space while implementing these practices using native species, permeable surfaces, locally sourced materials, recycling plant & hardscape materials and storm water management. We are passionate about using native species in our planting schemes which don’t require chemical fertilizers, need less watering, help eliminate soil erosion and reduce air pollution, support beneficial wildlife, promote biodiversity and stewardship of our natural heritage.
Similarly, we integrate lighting designs that minimize light pollution. Design Farm Group and its collaborators are highly motivated to leave a positive legacy in the work we do.

Focus on Sustainability

Meet the Team



  • BA Communications 
  • Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ
  • Advanced Black + White Techniques
  • International Center of Photography (ICP) New York, NY
  • Studio Photography + Lighting
  • School of Visual Arts (SVA) New York, NY
  • Certificate in Landscape Design, New York Botanical Gardens, Bronx, NY

Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) NY

Co-founder of NY Chapter and VP 2008-2010




Co-Founder and Design Principal of Design Farm, Meeka has been trained by Landscape Architects and holds a degree in Landscape Design from The New York Botanical Gardens. The school is acknowledged worldwide as a leader in horticultural excellence, scientific research, and educational programs. She is also a member and former Board Member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers.

Prior to co-founding Design Farm, Meeka was trained in advanced photography at the International Center of Photography (“ICP”) as well as studio photography and lighting at the School of Visual Arts (“SVA”). This expertise has enabled Meeka to link her visual arts background with her passion for landscape and interior design.

Meeka also spent many years in advertising and account management at Getty Images in New York City. Her corporate experience enables Meeka to manage all client, vendor and subcontractor interactions on a professional basis. She has extensive project management, status reporting, project planning and vendor coordination experience that ensures successful interpersonal interactions through all phases of project management and execution. Her professional business background enables Meeka to establish and maintain long-lasting relationships with clients that look to Design Farm for reliable services year after year


Michael Jameson

Michael Jameson is a Senior Designer at Design Farm Group. Michael would describe himself as a Designer, Artist, Farmer & Lover of Nature. He began his career in Design about ten years ago. Originally studying Interior Design...

"My foray into the world of design came out of a necessity to change my life after a life altering event. Creating is something I do everyday. I knew it would be imperative to my well being....

  An ardent designer of dwellings and their surroundings, Michael focuses on connecting people to their habitat. Offering clientele the marriage of lifestyle + design amidst sustainable sensibilities. His innate sense of colour & design sense brings seamless transitions from indoors to out. Seasoned in working with a creative unit to bring projects alive on time and on budget. Creative intuition and exceptional communication to achieve the greatest design conceivable.