Upper Nyack, NY

Eco Hook Mountain 

Residential Project

Positioned on a slope at the base of Hook Mountain in Upper Nyack, this stately home had many drainage issues thanks to its location. Our landscape design solution was a closed loop drainage system. Each part of the home’s landscape functions as ecologically sensitive solution that meets the on-going challenges of flooding, water runoff and a high water tables. The driveway is the first defense of water collection essentially serving as a large water collection basin, using permeable gravel atop to function as a means of entering the landscape. A bioswale was then constructed to guide and soak up excess water, leading to a rain garden. Both the bioswale and rain garden were then planted with wet loving natives. These systems all work together to use the watershed in an ecological way while feeding the plantings in the yard, creating a lush environment. A custom ornamental cedar fence, inspired by Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, England was installed to enclose the backyard and gently redirect grazing deer. 

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