Scarsdale, NY 

Hillside Tudor 

Residential Project

This hillside Tudor home is located in the heart of the Edgemont / Greenburgh section of Scarsdale in Westchester County NY. The property is characterized by the typical steeply sloped terrain with generous native stone outcrops. The Landscape Master Plan includes the natural terracing of the landscape in order to create a series of outdoor rooms that the family of four could use for dining, playing, and lounging. The general circulation from the middle terrace to the upper terrace was redesigned using native stone retaining walls and bluestone steps. The eroding hillside was generously planted with native wildflowers and shrubs and provided a backdrop for gazing out the rear windows and newly installed patios. In order to reduce the footprint of the lot coverage, micro clovers replaced several hard surfaces and helped channel water runoff to the lower terraces. A custom cedar farm-style fence, provides gentle privacy from the street and common walkways. 


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