White Plains, NY

Creekside Cape


Perched high on top of rock outcrops, this property emits a strong character often seen in New England and Maine. The classic Cotswold architecture has clean lines and dramatic vantage points. Accented with modern details, it is located on a site with pastoral wooded views and a babbling stream.

The clients wished to expand the footprint of the terraced back yard and ease the steep incline. Our Master Plan toyed with a low wood deck, pinned into the bedrock and a formal retaining wall and steps. Once budgets were established, the concept was accepted and the materials were exchanged for a native boulder wall. Each stone was hand selected and placed in a casual yet structurally sound way. Pea stone patios keep the space casual yet permeable and protect the lower environmentally sensitive stream area. Native plants driven by the structure of clump white birches grace the spaces between the stone. The new shed design keeps the garden tools neat and tidy.

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