New City, NY

Historic Dutch Colonial

Residential Project

Rich in history, the Rosse House is a quiet gem located on 5 acres of sprawling woodland privacy in Rockland County NY. The original home was built by a local set designer and a landscape architect in the early turn of the century. When the new owners acquired the home, steeped in Dutch design accents and architecture, they wished to give it some personalization but retain the historical ideocracies of the landscape.

During the Master Plan phase, Design Farm first examined the terrain and any drainage issues which could affect the historic home. The compacted drive was replaced with a permeable one which help direct water away from the foundation and into various catch basins and rain gardens surrounding the property. Next, new walls were designed to replicate the existing fieldstone walls, as if they had been there for 100 years. Each area of the property was defined by its use such as the Victorian Garden, for strolling, contemplating and cutting perennials. The swimming pool area and cabana were adorned and secluded from the Sports Court and wildflower gardens that are used for pollination. Pergolas were designed and built for supporting old grape vines and defining berry gardens. And lastly, we added a fragrant lilac grove at the entry of the drive to remind the homeowners of the arrive of home. We have been honored to continue our collaboration and landscape design work with them for the past 14 years. 

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