Riverdale, NY

The Whitehall Green Roof


Affectionately named the High Line of the Bronx, the Whitehall Greenroof was formerly the pool deck of a parking garage for one of Riverdale’s oldest co-ops. Thanks to existing infrastructure, this rooftop garden has no load restrictions which made for the seamless transformation of this remarkable, multifunctional space. Engineering probes into several areas determined that the original membrane would need to be replaced with new leak-proof membrane.

The structural vision of the The Whitehall was led by the talents of architect Genie Masucci. The objective was to create a warm, natural environment that contrasted with the large scale of the building but also maintained unity with it by extending the crisp, contemporary detailing of the building to the pathways and garden structures of the roof park.

A meandering path invites you through waves of native perennials, grasses and shrubs. The selection reinforces the variety of the overall plant design yet also perpetuates a variety of blooms from season to season. Pergolas, gazebos and sail shades serve as a respite from the sun, adorned with native vines that soften the hard lines of the structure. Native plants and shrubs are graced throughout the space lending to this sustainable, low water garden. The centerpiece of the main gathering area is a cascading water feature, which helps buffer the area from the urban noises. The final embellishment of the space is in the form of low-voltage LED lighting. The lighting design significantly enhances that beauty of the space at night and extends the enjoyment of the space into the evening hours. It creates magic in the garden yet is a sustainable choice of energy consumption. It significantly enhances the architectural structures providing warmth in the garden environment.

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